10 Tips to Reach Your Ideal Weight

Know what “ideal weight” means : according to personal coach James Duigan, it’s a state where you feel at ease in your body and in good health. This does not represent a percentage of fat in the body or a specific number to reach. From the moment we feel good, we have good energy, we are able to do what we want and all without much effort, we reached the ideal weight.

Do not be afraid of fat : Protein needs fat to be assimilated, like most nutrients found in vegetables. It satisfies us. It is not necessary, for example, to systematically remove the skin from roast chicken, and one can even afford to cook her vegetables from time to time in butter.

Stop thinking about your weight : it’s better to focus on the other benefits of good nutrition. For example, eating better can make the skin more beautiful and provide more energy on a daily basis. We have to think positive, eat healthier for a variety of reasons and forget that we do it to manage our weight.

Dieting will not help you reach your ideal weight : it does not help, because it’s all about the physical aspect. The ideal is to understand one’s own feelings and to know why one tends to eat too much. If we do not understand, we will resume our behavior very quickly and we will return to our former weight.

Do not eat when you’re distracted : we tend to focus on what we should do and not what we actually do. If this is the case during the meal, we will eat too much. And it also allows you to enjoy what you eat.

Enjoy your meals : take the time to eat and enjoy every bite. Think more about what you swallow and what will happen to your body. If you think this is not beneficial, leave it out.

Move every day : go for a walk, play with the children, walk the dog … Do not go to the gym, but simply move a little every day, whatever the way. Coach Duigan still advises yoga, which also allows you to listen to the needs of your body and feel good.

Make the changes that are right for you : if you do not like sports, do not force yourself. You must determine what suits you, and for that, play on the time of effort. If you set an hour at the gym a day when you do not feel like it, you will not be able to do it. However, if twenty minutes seem reasonable, put on your shoes and go for a ride. A little exercise is always better for the body than not at all.

Sleep well : poor sleep negatively affects the hormones responsible for appetite and makes you hungry. If this happens often, it causes overeating. Good sleep hygiene is therefore essential. For this, your room must be calm, dark and pleasant. It is also advisable to keep all electronic devices away.

Hydrate yourself : most of the time, when we are hungry, we are actually rather thirsty. Drinking water and eating more nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables is a simple advice that can really help you eat less and less often. In general, dehydration is seen by the body as a sign of danger and does not help the body to function properly.