Online Internet Marketing Methods:

Internet marketing methodology can be divided into several components:

  • Attracting visitors, traffic ( SEO , buying contextual advertising, etc.).
  • Retention of visitors ( increase in the number of views , time on the site ).
  • Turning visitors into regular visitors (registration, subscription to the newsletter).
  • Sale (in some cases is not required when it comes to projects focused on monetization through advertising, for example , content projects ).
  • SEO, optimization and website promotion – as the basis of Internet marketing
  • The main format for presenting business on the Internet is a website, and therefore the basis of Internet marketing is website promotion.

Why site? This is a complete control over both the appearance and the content. If a small business can afford to be represented within the framework of only the Internet community in one of the social. networks. So with development, business needs more opportunities.

Internet marketing training:

My opinion: look at the list of tools: learn a few of them and you can already provide Internet marketing services, gradually filling up your knowledge and skills in the field of other tools.

For example, not only the representation is a business card, but also a shop, a platform for experts to speak, a platform for communication with the audience (I will note a controlled platform where you can remove false or negative reviews).

Working in this area I often come across regret of companies about the fact that they launched their main activity not on the website but in social networks, because if there are any weak points, flaws in the product, the network will not be silent, but erase the negative on someone Site is extremely difficult, even if the problem is solved.

From fresh: the courier company summed up a large store and did not deliver their orders to customers. As a result, on Yandex.Market, in the social. networks have spilled a lot of negativity on the store (yes, they are not directly to blame, the partner let him down, but the user doesn’t care). And if the store’s website had the opportunity to provide feedback and a quick reaction to customer dissatisfaction, many reviews could have been avoided (verified).

As for SEO, this is free traffic that can be obtained by providing thematic content to the network. Being engaged in your business – you know a lot about it, you can tell a lot, show it to your client from a profitable side.

Free internet marketing:

Nothing free happens. Buy domain and hosting is a penny. Write articles about your business, product – this time is yours or your employees. However, this is the minimum cost.

You and your employees probably have many social accounts. networks, messengers – ask everyone to note that they work in your company, ask them to make announcements of articles from your site. It is free and very effective. If the average user social. networks about 15 friends who read them and trust them. Suppose you have 10 employees, this coverage of at least 150 people with a high degree of loyalty.

Important note: you have a website, there is some attendance. Someone buys something, calls, etc. Are you building a database of potential customers? Offer a subscription to the newsletter. A large subscriber base is an opportunity to increase sales very quickly, and most importantly, to collect a base – it is possible completely free of charge.

How to promote a newsletter  – a bunch of ideas and tips from different gurus.

How to quickly collect subscribers  – personal experience.

Be practical.

Effective Internet Marketing Strategy:

Strategy is first of all setting goals. For business, it is usually sales, as the ultimate goal. Intermediate may be registration on the site, subscribe to the company’s newsletter. Moreover, taking into account the specifics of online promotion, I note that the measure of effectiveness here still takes into account the number of regular visitors, subscribers, because this is already a loyal audience, which, if you have the skills, you can sell certain goods / services many times.

Here is a weak link question: there are many subscribers but no sales: who is to blame? Maybe subscribers are not targeted? Then we look at how they were attracted, by what content, by which keywords. And maybe it’s in promotional materials? Or the phone does not work. The effectiveness of Internet marketing, including the ability to quickly respond and refine individual elements of the sales funnel.