Today’s gadgets are no longer mere presents with printed corporate logos, but real high-tech products that accompany us through the 21st century’s everyday life. Maikii has adopted this reality and developed unique gadgets that are distinguished by their design and functionality. Exclusive Maikii products with 100% custom design are a first step to stand out from the crowd and make yourself heard in the world of innovative gadgets! Included are the  high-tech Fitness Runner and Play bracelets that can be customized by laser engraving.


A guy is a guy and we say: we have no choice, we must shave. Whether every day, from time to time, a small cut of beard or, simply, to keep this little look good to you, it is necessary what it is necessary. So, how to choose the razor you need? It is not so easy to find the right razor with everything we find on the shelf. Are you kind of disposable, more sophisticated or does it all depend on how you feel when it comes to choosing your razor? With the widest range of shaving products on the market, discover the latest Gillette products to help you choose the right shaver for your lifestyle.

For more than 110 years, with 800 million consumers around the world, you must know that  Gillette is the world leader in men’s shavers. Today, we offer you specific products from the Gillette range  . Every man is different, their needs are different too, so the brand does everything to adapt.

The customization of razors is the key in the shaver market and Gillette understands it. I know something, because since I started in Business of Guys, men’s razors have continued to innovate, and Gillette continues to offer razors with state-of-the-art technology.


Summer is the bathing season, the little corona with lime, but especially the barbecue. After having chosen the best BBQ, thanks to the precious advice that we gave you recently, comes the moment to accuse you. To be the king of grilling, it is not enough to have the most beautiful BBQ and know how to master the cooking of a filet mignon. No ! You will have this title only if you have these essential gadgets.

1) The BBQ lamp

Who said we could not do a BBQ after dark? Thanks to this heat-resistant and waterproof lamp, you will be able to use your BBQ at any time. Transform the night into the day with this super practical accessory for a small late-night lunch.

2) The spare tire with cooking grate

What an ingenious idea for adventurers and camping enthusiasts: a stainless steel cooking grill that fits on the spare wheel. Your barbecue will follow you wherever you go, without taking up extra space in your luggage.

3)  The 3 in 1 barbecue tool

At the same time a pliers, a spatula and a fork, you will have now in hand all the necessary tools of barbecue. Whether you need to take, flip or staple your food, the Wrangler Grid turns in the blink of an eye into the barbecue tool you need.

4) The salt plate for cooking

Resistant to extreme temperatures, this salt plate will allow you to improve the flavors of your food, such as seafood for example. Made of pink salt from the Himalayas, you’ll impress everyone with this gourmet accessory.

5) The smoking box

To add more flavor with ease, this stainless steel smoker is a must. You just have to fill the smokehouse with a few chips of wood and you’re done. You can start cooking and brewing smoky foods right on your barbecue grill.

6) The automatic cleaning robot

After having cooked all this food on your barbecue, the chore of cleaning it does not enchant you? No problem. Let the cleaning robot move automatically on your grids and do your job for you.


With the hectic pace of our lives, we, the guys, have less and less time to shop and eat well. Fortunately, there are now easy-to-use and effective technology solutions to make life easier. Created in Montreal, GOLO is one of these solutions. And be careful, because, like me, you could soon become addicted!.Developed in Montreal, GOLO is a service available on PC, Android and iOS to buy various products and dishes from local businesses such as restaurants, cafes and butchers.

The word “local” is really important because that’s what differentiates GOLO from other services. There are sushi restaurants like Sushi Bonsai, Sushi 888 and Coba Sushi, Indian restaurants like Thali Cuisine Indian, pizzerias like Pizza St-Viateur and Terrasse Lafayette, and even lunch restaurants like FabergĂ©.

The best thing about it is that after you’ve made a deal, you do not even have to go out and pick up what you bought. We are delivered directly to our door! In addition, GOLO uses electric cars, which is good for the environment. Delivery times, on the other hand, vary from approximately 30 to 60 minutes. If you do not have time to wait for the delivery, it is also possible to pick up your purchase in person.