Top Mini Mind Relaxing Games

Space Physics mini
Space Physics is a physical android game in which you need to send the ball to the desired area using any objects of space that you have invented. There are a lot of games in this genre on the PC and they are very popular. We will focus on a small review of this game for Android, which was created by well-known team Camel  

Flood-It mini
Flood-It is another puzzle-style game for Android. In this seemingly simple but very entertaining game, it is necessary to completely paint over the playing area in one color for a certain number of moves (22, 30 or 36). The playing area consists of several small squares of various colors. Total of such squares in the game can be 144

Help Out Mini
Help Out is a fairly simple, exciting and beautiful game for Android, created by the developers of Incredible App in a puzzle style. We have already considered many interesting puzzles, but we could not pass by this one. Of course, there is nothing so delightful in this game, but given its simplicity and colorful, pleasant interface, Help Out Android game is noteworthy.

Plumber is another simple but very addictive and attractive puzzle game for Android. In this game, you need to correctly arrange, or rather rotate and connect, all the details of the pipes, which initially have a completely non-logical structure. It is necessary to collect water supply so that in the end water can flow from the tap (usually it is located in the upper left corner)

Bubble Blast 2_mini
Bubble Blast 2 is a quite popular and interesting puzzle game for Android. In this game you need to destroy all the balls that explode with a chain reaction – that is, if one fragment from the ball touches another, then it will also explode. The first thing to pay attention to in this puzzle is the number of […]

Today we will look at one very attractive, fascinating and colorful puzzle-style game called Reflex ions. Reflex ions was created by the Yo Yo Games Ltd development team, which also released such an interesting game as They Need To Be Fed, which we already described earlier. The Yo Yo team always releases such attractive and quite beautiful games for Android, in which […]

sudoku for android_mini
Many people used to solve in their free time (in particular on the road, during breaks from study or work) various crosswords, crossword puzzles, puzzles, Japanese crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Sudoku is a popular leisure time activity that always develops intelligence and mathematical thinking in a person.

Roulette Royale_mini
The Roulette Royal app is a regular roulette casino. With this application, you can play roulette by real, real rules on your mobile phone with Android OS. Roulette Royal is a real roulette for unreal money.

Today we consider a fairly simple, but something exciting game called Pinball. Fascinating, most likely, precisely its simplicity. We have already considered one Pinball Deluxe, but today’s our game has a diverse presentation of styles, which makes it a little different from the rest.

Flick Golf_mini
If you want to play golf and you simply do not have such an opportunity, then this application for android for you! Flick Golf is, without question, the best golf for mobile devices with the android operating system. Realistic graphics is the main feature and feature of the game